Along with the fanfare and excitement that accompanies the start of a new year, there is often also a mental shift that motivates you to set new goals, to modify negative behaviors and to form more productive and healthy habits.  Having seen my share of New Years come and go, AdaptoGenie would like to recommend 7 New Year’s resolutions that are guaranteed to make a difference in the way you look and feel in 2017.

  1. Drink more water – We all know that water is critical to survival, but you may be surprised to learn how many health benefits are gained simply by increasing your consumption of H2O.  Things like muscle recovery, pain prevention, clearer skin, cold and flu prevention, sinus decongestion and better mental acuity have all been tied directly to the amount of water one consumes.  So, make one of your 2017 resolutions, drink more water.drinking-water
  2. Maintain a healthy pH balance – If you could do one thing to immediately improve your health, this may be it. Life itself is dependent on a proper pH balance.  Fish cannot survive if a lake becomes too acidic, and plants cannot grow in soil that does not have a proper pH balance.  When the body becomes too acidic, you become susceptible to disease.  When a proper pH balance is maintained you will enjoy more elastic and youthful skin, deeper more restful sleep, improved energy levels, better digestion, less arthritis, less candida, and increased mental alertness.
  3. Get more sleep – Much like drinking water, most of us we think we know the benefits of more sleep, like increased energy and fewer dark circles under the eyes.  However, their are many health benefits from getting a better night’s rest that you may find surprising.  These include increased creativity, improved memory, less inflammation and weight loss.  Getting more sleep even increases your chances of living longer. In a 2010 study of women ages 50 to 79, more deaths occurred in women who got less than five hours of sleep per night.Man sleeping
  4. Unplug and meditate daily – In our relentless and fast paced society we’ve forgotten the importance of taking a few minutes each day to just relax and think, ponder or meditate.  The health benefits of this daily habits can be enormous. Meditation chemically boosts happiness, curbs anxiety and reduces pain. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces the likelihood of heart disease or stroke.  Daily meditation will also slow aging in the brain’s gray matter and helps keep your chromosomes young.  Now isn’t all of that worth finding some time each day to just be.meditation
  5. Smile more – Smiling may seem like an involuntary response to something funny, but it is much more than that. Research has shown that smiling, forced or not, can positively affect your mood, decrease stress and even make those around you feel better.  Smiling has been connected to lower levels of stress and anxiety, a stronger immune system, increased attractiveness to the opposite sex and the perception that you are trustworthy, approachable and a better leader. smile 
  6. Help someone else with their health issues – Albert Schweitzer said, “The only really happy people are those who have learned to serve.”  He could have said they same about really HEALTHY people.  According to a recent Huffington Post article, people who help others have less stress, lower blood pressure, fewer bouts with depression, less pain and inflammation and they live longer.  So, help others and help yourself. Its a win/win.                                                   service
  7. Consume more adaptogens – Well, you know I couldn’t  put together a health list without including adaptogens.  Those of you who follow this blog are becoming more and more educated as to the incredible health benefits of these amazing plants.  Those of you who are new, I encourage you to take a minute and read some of the past blogs.  You’ll quickly see why including adaptogens in your daily routine is such a great idea.

It’s a New Year and its the perfect time to start forming some new habits.  This can be the year that you transform yourself with some simple lifestyle changes.  I encourage you to try these seven healthy habits and see what happens.  You can thank me later.