After centuries of granting some of the most bizarre and unbelievable wishes, I am somewhat hesitant to open myself up to queries from strangers.  However, as adaptogens push their way more and more to the forefront of society’s collective consciousness, I  the world’s foremost expert on adaptogens feel it is my duty to accept any questions my readers may have about adaptogens and plant sourced nutrition.

It is somewhat remarkable and puzzling that adaptogens, plants that have been used effectively for hundreds of years, are now being talked about as chic and nouveau.  Just recently, a Huffington Post online article stated the following about adaptogens, “Their popularity is going to be bigger than spirulina… bigger than kale even, because ancient herbal wisdom is back in business baby!”

So, with all this excitement about adaptogens, I am certain that many of you have questions.  Well, lucky for you I have answers.  Please email your questions about adaptogens to and I will respond in a future blog.